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Define & Sculpt

For anyone who is looking to improve overall strength, reshape and sculpt your entire body. Focused workouts, concentrate on specific areas using Lara’s multidimensional technique.


A workout to define your butt, sculpts your waistline & reshapes your hips.

Legs on fire

Your legs will get their share in this workout. Standing, lying down, low impact moves to tone & firm your lower body.

Barre pulse

Dance-esque moves working your whole body using a chair & floor.

Abs sculpt

Midsection focus to define your abs & cinch your waistline. You will stand taller and improve your posture.

Full body sculpt

A variety of workouts, which will sculpt, tone, and lengthen your entire body using your body weight, as well as light hand weights (optional) gliders, ankle weights and elastic bands.

Precision toning

Add-ons that accommodate any body type. If your arms or back need extra attention or you are short of time and in need of a quickie Sculpt, this is for you.

Pilates & Pilates by pursuit

A variety of Pilates workouts choreographed with your body in mind, with varied, detailed & rich content. The workouts address issues, which hinder overall well-being, rebalance and realign your musculoskeletal system. You will improve your strength, muscular structure, function and performance.

Body lab & Athletic conditioning

Body Lab: is your rehabilitation and rejuvenation zone. Workouts deal with conditions such as osteoporosis, hip, disc issues, and back pain. Also including menopause specific workouts for women who are experiencing change in body composition & structure. It is the go-to section if you are in need of tension relief, recovery, and boosting cellular and joint health.
Athletic Conditioning: tennis & rugby players, runners, and skiers, all types of sports will benefit from this section. The workouts are created to help bring the body back to balance, boost performance and offer functional training which is imperative to muscle building, reflexes & body control.