The importance of slowing down

The importance of slowing down

Nov 16, 2023 / By Lara Hassan

This week’s workout in the Library is slow burn.
Find out why it is important to integrate slower workouts into your routine and how they benefit your body.

Slow workouts, often associated with techniques like slow-motion strength training, can offer several benefits to the body.

Performing exercises slowly engages muscles for a more extended period, leading to:
Muscle Engagement: Slower movements increase time under tension, promoting better muscle activation and recruitment.
Strength Gains: The prolonged muscle engagement during slow workouts can contribute to increased strength over time.
Joint Health: Slower movements allow for better joint stability and reduce the risk of injuries, making it gentler on joints.
Mind-Muscle Connection: Performing exercises slowly enhances the mind-muscle connection, improving overall control and awareness of movement.
Muscle Endurance: Slow workouts can enhance muscular endurance by challenging muscles to sustain contractions for longer durations.

Remember, the effectiveness of workouts depends on various factors, and a well-rounded fitness routine often incorporates a mix of different training modalities.

Enjoy your workout!