Fight COVID naturally

Fight COVID naturally

Mar 21, 2022 / By Lara Hassan

I’d like to think while I’m writing this that we are reaching the end of the pandemic. I would also like to think that human beings will somehow enter an Age of Enlightenment when it comes to their health and daily choices, to start believing in their own power and the power of healing foods. 

When I caught Covid around the 16 December 2021, it didn’t come as a surprise. In fact, I was surprised how I managed to avoid  it for two years. The classes I teach are always packed, the public transportation I take is far from hygienic; it is the perfect medium for viruses to exist and multiply. Although I’ve had my vaccine shots, I wander around the city wearing a shield, which, sometimes stays on the top of my head, rather than covering my face. 

I tested positive three days into catching the virus. I had shivers, dehydration, headaches, and terrible sweats at night. I was lucky I didn’t cough or lose my sense of smell and taste, but I did feel the hardship the body goes through while it’s fighting the virus. My symptoms were greatly reduced with my nutrition plan, but one thing I know, Covid is not like a common cold.  I felt that the symptoms changed daily, one day a headache, the next day dehydration, then my eyes would feel funny. Nevertheless, all went very quickly and I had no repercussions or major physical concerns. 

I’m quite intuitive when it comes to my body and I feel what it needs. With my knowledge and background in nutrition, alternative health, Ayurvedic practices which I taught myself and researched for years, I can create food plans, which are anti-inflammatory, rich in vegan protein and broths.  A few things had to be eliminated such as coffee, dairy, and gluten, which I don’t have much of in my diet generally.  I do like a bit of full-fat yogurt daily, which my body needs, as yogurt is excellent for gut health and digestion.

My advice to you is the following:

- Stop gluten, dairy, sugar & alcohol

- Stop or reduce red meat 

- Stock up on onions, garlic, turmeric green tea, coconut milk, and different types of beans. 

You will need protein, so make sure that you have it daily in your vegetable plan.  I recommend vegan protein found in pulses and beans.  I had fava beans daily with a bunch of rocket leaves and olive oil.  It’s a staple Lebanese breakfast. My body asked for it. 

- Add pine needle tea to your daily list of drinks.

It is fantastic for lung health and helps fight any pulmonary issues. Dairy foods add increase mucus build-up in the lungs.  Your nutrition plan should be anti-inflammatory and rich in flu-fighting nutrients.

- Have a mushroom complex supplement or if available drink shiitake mushrooms tea. 

Boil it then let it simmer, add sea salt to it and drink it. The more hydration you get the better you will feel.  Onions are also great for fight infection. Boil the onion in water, let it simmer then drink its water. You can even eat the onion which I did. 

- Ginger tea all day / every day. 

Here’s a fantastic recipe, which is great to have daily not just during Covid: 

  • A drop of coconut milk
  • Water 
  • Honey 
  • Turmeric 
  • Black pepper 

It is fantastic for liver cleansing and for reducing inflammation.

- Chicken broth 

The ultimate cure for any fever 

Here’s my recipe 

After washing the chicken properly
Boil it with a couple of onions
4 garlic cloves
Ginger power
Cinnamon stick
Bay leaf
Vegetable broth
1 celery cut into small pieces
2/3 carrots
Remove the foam, which builds up in the pot, reduce to moderate to low heat

I kept mine for a few hours. Add water when needed.
Remove the chicken at some stage, take the flesh off the bone, put it back in the pot, and discard the bones when you know your broth soup is ready
You can keep the bone in for extra collagen boost and nutrition
Add a quarter of cup of rice to the pot, add more water if needed
Sip it as many times as you need throughout your day

I fought my Covid with rest and nutrition.  I took glutathione, vitamins C & D, zinc, and B complex. I tested negative after 6 days of contracting the virus. I didn’t rush into my usual activities immediately as it is important to be aware that the virus stays in your body for 21 days after recovering.  Be very mindful of what you do in those days and take rests when needed, don’t push your body into doing strenuous workouts or long nights out.  Avoid drinking alcohol and be kind to your body.  Your body is powerful and capable of fighting viruses. 

Long Covid is an unfortunate symptom, which many suffered from. Your nutrition, rest, and mind set can help your recovery process.