Cooking For Self Care

Cooking For Self Care

Mar 27, 2023 / By Ana Cortes

Cooking is the ultimate act of self-care. It can be a really mindful activity if you want it to be because you can mentally hone in and get really involved in the meal that you’re cooking.

Don’t be afraid of trying to cook for self-care. It might be a little bit different than cooking for sustenance. It might be unusual at the beginning, but the fact that you will be connecting with your body's needs and that your own hands will do the meal, is wonderful.

You'll feed your body with delicious and nutritious meals and give your mind a space for self-development and calm.

Today's task:
Before you start cooking notice how you are feeling and think of how you want to feel after eating.
Do you want to feel strong, inspired, intelligent, nourished, meditative, disciplined, light, happy, empowered, comforted, and calmed?

What are the foods that are going to achieve this?

If you want to feel energised and sharp, eat something that is light, and filling, but that won't slow you down.
If you are feeling under the weather, eat something soothing, comforting and warm.

Take a few minutes to think about what your body really needs.
Respect your body, respect its needs, and its reality.

Anything you do that means you’re thinking, focusing and surrounding yourself in a sensory environment can be really beneficial for your mental health. It can lower your stress and give you a sense of calm.