About Lara


When I work out, I love to feel empowered, to achieve a svelte physique, and to feel challenged, both mentally and physically.
My journey in body science, movement, and fitness began in 2000. I have been an avid exercise lover for much of my life, practicing yoga from young age with a passion for understanding the body ever since. I have explored and trained in a variety of methods such as Pilates, Gyrontonics, Garuda, Barre, Yoga, Personal Training, and Face Yoga. Dance and martial arts, as well as body geniuses such as Joseph Pilates and Bruce Lee, dancers and choreographers such as Wayne Mcgregor, Martha Graham, Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn have influenced me. Scholars in yoga who never stop exploring possibilities and mind-body connections also inspire me.
Some call me the ‘body scientist’, others ‘the sculptor’, and yet others ‘the fixer’. I define myself as a nerd, a ‘body nerd’. Body By Lara was born naturally out of my continuous research and choreography, combined with my interest in movement connections and in how the brain controls the body. My method continues to evolve and grow.
As a city dweller, I realise how time hungry everyone is and have designed my method to fit into anyone’s schedule. I wanted to offer workouts, which combine an element of strength, stretch, sculpting your body, and getting you sweaty without straining joints. They help boost vitality and confidence.
Working with clients from all walks of life, from dancers, office workers, athletes, moms-to-be, to post natal moms have given me deep insights into my clients’ needs and how information is received. I learned to find ways of keeping the mind interested and connected to the task at hand, preventing switching off and disconnection.
Studying the brain-body connection was my pathway to creating workouts, which have an impact on people’s physical well-being. I created workouts addressing your needs, which you can easily integrate into your daily life.
Your answers are on my channel. Walking tall with ease, strength and grace is the dream of most of us. This is what I want to give you: workouts, which work for your body, not against it. The workouts help you age gracefully, boost cellular health and improve your mental function in addition to looking good. I invite you to join Body by Lara Sculpt Community and feel good from the inside out.