What is your ultimate exercise motivation? 

When we are fit and strong the body is capable of doing so many wonderful things. It is actually a lot of fun!


Hero of the Month

Today I met: Lara Hassan, personal trainer, creator of ‘Body by Lara’ and health & wellbeing consultant for a number of magazines and lifestyle journals.

Training like a celebrity

Exercise helps you to focus and brings discipline to one’s life. A discipline that anyone with a demanding job needs, including Sting.

The perfect butt – tips on how to lift your seat

The “perfect butt” is a highly desired asset among women. Backsides a la Kardashian, J Lo, and Beyoncé have changed the way we look at the behind in most recent years.

Tracey Mallet interview

What you should know about barre workouts.
Q&A with Tracey Mallet the founder of booty barre.

Get ski fit with pilates

The “perfect butt” is a highly desired asset among women. Backsides a la Kardashian, J Lo, and Beyoncé have changed the way we look at the behind in most recent years.

Not your average pilates class

Body by Lara – Not your average pilates class

Having practiced it for many years throughout my ballet days, Pilates is completely second nature to me.


What your trainer eats

Food should be used as a medicine and cure. You are what you eat; be mindful about what you choose to put in your body.


Brew a cup of Turmeric tea

The powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities of turmeric has made it once of the most powerful remedies for many aliments.

Burn and Sculpt


What is the barre workout?

Thanks to Lotte Berk, Barre madness took the fitness world by storm.


Lara loves Asquith

Ethically made activewear that combines functionality, comfort and style.
Inspired by nature, designed for life.


Fitness and health guide for new mums

When it comes to post baby exercising and weight loss, being mindful about the way you start exercising is a prerequisite...


Kiss the sky, smile and look younger with face yoga

I have always believed in organic growth in both my personal development and my career.
I teach what I believe in...

taboule bodybylara

Taboule – The queen of Lebanese salads

Taboule: the queen of salads on any Lebanese table.
Delicious, nutritious, can be eaten on its own as a main or as a side salad.


What does it mean to be healthy?

Is there such a thing as a healthy diet?
The nutrients in the food that you eat determine the way your cells develop...


Get outdoors!

According to studies spending twenty minutes outdoors can wake you up as much as one cup of coffee...


I choose Pilates

It is the one and only workout with all benefits any body needs. A unique and timeless method taught by “ a genius of the body” Joseph Pilates...


Raising the Barre

Lara Hassan is a fitness guru in her own right. Having studied extensively about various methods in exercise and wellness...


A quick fix to get back on track

Feeling frustrated after a weekend of indulging in food and alcohol??
Check out body by lara’s quick fix tips.

babylon magazine

Babylon magazine interview.
Check full interview inside (arabic)